#VoiceNatives are the next innovators, tech junkies, and disruptors of the world. But with a twist. This time around, they aren’t glued to a screen; voice natives will be finally enjoying the world around them.

“Digital Native” - A phrase that was coined for the generation that grew up with the advancement of the internet, computers, and mobile devices. 

With the rapid growth of technology, there is a new generation emerging, called “Voice Natives”. A voice native is an individual born into a world where voice technology is already part of their daily routine. This generation won’t know a world without a voice interface nearby. Voice-enabled platforms will be their primary interface for obtaining things like their health & financial data, accessing government services, shopping online and even getting help with their homework. 

Voice natives are already starting to create new behaviours. Children, even toddlers, are becoming accustomed to interacting with devices - like Alexa and Google Assistant - in their home. Studies have even shown that these devices are starting to develop into another “human-like” entity within a child’s life. 

MIT released a study of 26 children aged 3-10 interacting with voice agents, including Alexa and Google Home. They found that "children build relationships with these agents the same way that they build relationships with people". 

Since digital natives have been influential in shaping how we use smartphones, a big question is: how will voice natives impact the way we live in the future? 

Considering voice natives are comfortable using voice-enabled devices in their homes, they are more likely to be comfortable using these devices in public. In comparison, digital natives find the most convenient way to access information is through touch interfaces or messages. Today, millennials are also less willing to speak on the phone. Voice natives will be more open to conversation and dialogue. 

Throughout history, humans have been obsessed with speed. We have always strived for faster results and information on-demand; voice natives will take this to the next level. As a result of voice technology becoming more seamless than touch interfaces; we’ll be able to be more productive by accessing information more quickly. 

Imagine a world where people aren’t addicted to their phones. They are communicating with people and devices around them while simultaneously experiencing their life to the fullest. Voice is going to allow us to go back to what we are designed to do, to be human again. 

By: Katie Fitzgerald 

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