Voice For Growing Businesses

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Within many work environments, you’d be lying if you said you didn’t sometimes wish for the day your position changed and you could hand-off all of your annoying little tasks to someone else. Where your productivity would skyrocket because you no longer had to worry about this or manage that. Well, the relief is here, and it’s not some fresh off the press college graduate ready to pay their dues. Voice technology has arrived in the workplace. Top-line executives down to entry-level assistants are finding a new sense of productivity through the use of voice.

Voice as the New Office Assistant

At a basic level, voice has stepped right up to help many people multitask. As our hands and eyes are busy, we have voice as one other tool to utilize for increasing efficiency. Through the use of voice commands, you can ask Alexa to schedule meetings, set timers, set reminders, and it won't be long until Google's Smart Home becomes a Smart Office and employees start adjusting the office lights and temperature with their voice.

There is also ample opportunity for conversational technology to take many of the more mundane tasks off your hands in the office. Voice has the potential to tackle such things as scheduling maintenance, ordering office snacks or supplies, making reservations, taking meeting notes, and even transcribing conference calls. Through increased intelligence, voice technology could assist in offering specific instructions, vital statistics, HR procedures, financial data, and any other information you need to get your hands on.

What Voice Can Do For Content Creators

To get more complex, let's look at what voice can do for content. For small businesses, Fortune 500's, and everyone in between, online content is both a vital component of any business and arguably the most common pain point you might find.  It is critical in any customer engagement and strategy, sales funnel, marketing campaign, employee engagement, and the list goes on. The trouble is, as the demand for content rises, so does its exponential drain on resources.

However, imagine there is an Alexa Skill that can turn your previously multi-page content brief into a few minutes of spoken instruction. Or, there is a Google Home app linked up with your website's analytics that can offer you a 2-3 minute daily brief on the effectiveness and analytics of your website. Better yet, through AI and machine learning, it can take data on your content and turn it into actionable insight for your content strategy.

Just these few things are going to massively streamline any workflow for a content team no matter how small or large. Voice has the potential to offer a reduction in time spent and an increase in content's effectiveness. The inherent business value there is the increased ROI from the content strategy now bolstered by voice tech.

There are many more answers voice could provide so now, the only question is, how soon do you want to incorporate voice technology into your team’s productivity strategy? If you’re curious on how it would look, reach out to us at Silver for a full picture.

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