we build voice apps for business


Voice is the next interface.  

We help organizations use the magic of voice to drive business performance.


what we do


we save money & time through voice apps

When you use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for weather or traffic, it's seamless.

We do the same thing with your organization's system data.

Save time and money with access to always on-demand data - simply by using voice. We integrate with leading technology platforms to enable voice. Check out our solutions to see the possibilities.



We build voice experiences for organizations

With our team of experience designers, developers and testers, we are passionate about building unbelievable voice experiences. We believe every organization should be experimenting on how to create a voice-enabled experience for their customers or employees. We create apps on top of Amazon Alexa and Google.



why voice?

Throughout history, humans have always been obsessed with speed. We believe voice is the next evolution of computing.


Our Founder, Shawn Kanungo, talking about why the next billion dollar companies will be built on voice at his keynote at #AMOConf18 on August 20, 2018



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